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Sonali Shivlani

Pregnancy & Parenting Consultant

Hi, I’m Sonali and I am a pregnancy and parenting consultant. I am a mom to two wonderful kids and my own personal pregnancy and parenting journey has shown me how many questions and concerns a new parent can have. I have worked with over 40000 families over the last 20 years. Baby360degrees is specially curated with programs to help parents with customised information and personalised support at every step so that they can embrace this phase of their life with confidence and joy.
My platform, Baby360Degrees aims to educate and support pregnant women and new parents all over the world on Pre-conception, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Diet, Pregnancy Exercise, Labor Management, Breastfeeding, Infant Care and Starting Solids for your Baby.
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Find A Parenting Class

My online pregnancy and parenting classes will teach you everything you need for each trimester, birth and life after baby.

Find A Class

My online pregnancy and parenting classes will teach you everything you need for each trimester of pregnancy, birth, post partum & life after baby.

The Baby360Degrees Blog

Have pregnancy doubts? Read our blogs for simple pregnancy and parenting tips. You’ll find articles on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, post partum, parenting, weaning and life after baby.
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Pregnancy and Parenting Consultant

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