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Welcome to Baby 360 Degrees Corporate Services, where we offer online pregnancy and parenting courses for employees of corporates. Our expert instructors conduct webinars that empower the female workforce to balance their professional and personal lives. We also offer our courses at a discounted price as part of a company’s healthcare program for employees.

Our corporate services have many benefits. Firstly, we promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace by providing female employees with the tools they need to manage their work and family life. Secondly, our focus on nutrition, exercise, and emotional well-being leads to healthy and happy employees. Thirdly, our courses help reduce attrition rates by providing mothers with the confidence to return to work after maternity leave, thus reducing the cost of hiring and training new employees.

In addition, our courses lead to reduced pregnancy complications and surgical births, resulting in lower insurance claims and reduced expenses for corporates. Mothers also gain confidence in newborn care and breastfeeding, enabling them to return to work within the designated time frame. Finally, our courses ensure higher attendance rates by reducing aches, discomforts, and pregnancy complications, resulting in higher working hours logged during pregnancy.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can use our online pregnancy and parenting courses for corporates help your company promote a healthy and happy workforce.

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