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I'm Sonali Shivlani

(Sonali Shivlani is the founder of Baby 360 Degrees and a renowned parenting and pregnancy expert)

…and this, is my story.

Today, Sonali Shivlani has become a brand name in this field and I help families enjoy their pregnancy and become confident parents, but it wasn’t always like that. My professional career started with the aspiration of running a business. To that end I studied business management and joined my father in the family business.

The day I found out that I was expecting my first baby, something changed. Suddenly I wanted to know everything about pregnancy and birth and babies. I actually became my doctor’s nightmare with all my questions. The internet was still new then but I would read and research everything I could. Soon, I became the go to person for all things pregnancy for all my friends who were expecting as well! This fascination continued post birth as I cared for my new born and one day my husband joked that I should get certified and start coaching expecting and new parents.

You know what? I actually loved the idea. I did some research and found CAPPA, one of the world’s largest birth professionals training organisations, and today, I have helped over 40,000 pregnant couples.

During my pregnancy, I had great doctors but never found a great pregnancy coach. With my training, I set about creating the pregnancy class that I would have wanted during my own pregnancy. In my programs, I provide parents with information and support at every step of the way to help them embrace pregnancy and parenthood with joy and confidence.

Let’s take this journey together.


Front facing photograph of the founder of Baby360Degrees, Sonali Shivlani

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