Khushbu Chaudhary

The content of the program was crisp and to the point. It was really very helpful as a new mother it gave me direction month on month.

The CD and the welcome kit sent by post was again very helpful till the delivery and I referred to it as a bible after going through all the websites available I found this content very helpful.

Anuradha Amrutkar

It was very helpful being a part of this program. Many questions that hav assumption have been answered with scientific reason.

Very prompt replies are given to all the queries without delay and follow ups were also good. I enjoyed reading the Material you shared at every stage. It was very helpful.


Thanks for arranging the session on such short notice.

I am so relieved after talking to Sonali and have got some very good techniques from her which I have started implementing on my son.

I will be coming back to you for follow up sessions in upcoming weeks. Thank you once again for all your assistance.

Deeksha Jaipuria

Having an E-consult with you over skype for adult nutrition post delivery has enabled me to eat right and healthy while still nursing my baby. It has given me the knowledge of identifying the right food and making the correct choices best suited for me and my baby. Thank you for getting me on the path to losing the excess weight and avoiding the unwanted calories.

Himanshu Dodeja

The programme is very informative and covers almost all the areas that one needs to know during and immediately after the pregnancy. We have read a few books and have various apps installed on our gadgets, but your programme just helped us understand the nuances better.

B. The programme is well explained in the physical classes as well as electronically. Of course, the physical classes are a lot of fun especially at a quant place that you have in bandra. Needless to mention that your website is quite easy to navigate.

Manish and Kavitha Kataria

We have undertaken your online course and believe me it has been really resourceful, beneficial and has given us a lot of insights into the way we used to perceive the labor and delivery before and now.

It was definitely as usual insightful and definitely for new parents to be like us specially holding the baby and the baby massage.

Kinita Kadakia

Thank you so much for all the information. The classes are a great help and support. All questions answered everytime, that adds to the comfort for a first time mum like me.

Rashmee Singh

This is a brilliant class for first time moms. Absolutely informative and very helpful in every possible way. After these classes feel very confident about being a hands on mom and being able to look after my baby in the best possible way.

Gundeep Sharma

It has been a wonderful experience to educate ourselves thru the sessions that are offered. This has been one of the most worthy investments during our pregnancy.

Meet Bhatia

The classes were very helpful and to the point. Helped with a lot of doubts that I had, cleared all the myths and misconceptions.

Shilpi Kumar

For someone who was really terrified of the entire process, these classes have given me a lot of confidence that I will be able to deal with whats coming.

Mahima and Dhruv

Mahima and I have always said “We aren’t reading the book, we will wait for the movie”. Sonali’s class is “The Movie”. All the book information consolidated into a class. Time totally well spent.

Nidhi Garodia

The class has been really helpful and informative. It has helped us get over the myths and worries that are generally prevalent around us. Right from diet to the delivery it gives complete guidance and knowledge to make things easy.