How to Join

Baby360degrees by Sonali Shivlani is the first of its kind to offer Pregnancy and Parenting Classes Onsite and Online. It is a complete program for Pregnancy, Birth and Post Natal Needs of Parents.

You can join any of our classes by clicking on the Programs Tab from the Home page. You can also book an appointment with Sonali Shivlani or any of the Baby360degrees team by clicking on the E Consult Tab from the Home Page.

Onsite Classes: We have the following classes at our centre for Expectant and New Parents.

  • Pregnancy Classes – A ten session program which covers information for Pregnancy, Nutrition, Exercises, Birth, Breast Feeding, Infant Care, & Post Natal Care. Classes are held on weekends and husbands are encouraged to be a part of each session. Most of our classes are two hours duration. We believe in working in small groups and each batch would have 6 couples. The classes are based on discussions, videos, presentations and demonstrations. There is practical work as well since moms and dads learn how to swaddle a doll or fold a nappy.
  • Pregnancy Exercise Class – We have regular batches for pregnancy / prenatal exercises. Moms will work in small groups with a certified instructor who will guide you with a safe and effective Pregnancy Workout. The classes are dynamic and there is a lot of variety from yoga, pilates, light weights, breathing exercises and more.
  • Nutrition Consults – We offer personalized consults for Prenatal Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Nutrition for Lactation and Nutrition for Post Natal Weight Loss.
  • Lactation Counseling – Our experts are available to help you with breast feeding problems such as latch and position, low milk supply, expressing and storing milk and guidance on how to continue breast feeding once you are back at work.
  • Brain Stimulation and Parenting Workshops – These workshops are designed to guide new parents with discussions on Sensory Stimulation, Development of Gross & Fine Motor skills, Parenting Concerns like discipline, behavior, toilet training etc., Nutrition for the Early Years and finally First Aid and Safety.

Online Classes: All of our services are also available Online. You can take a Pregnancy Class online or a Parenting Workshop online. You can even book an online consult for Breast Feeding or Nutrition. This gives you the comfort of taking the sessions in the comfort of your own home. If you would like more flexibility sign up for our Online Classes which allow you to take the Classes at your own time and pace. Our experts will be available to give you personalized answers for all your pregnancy and parenting queries via email.

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Registration and Payment: We are happy to help you decide your choice of class or consult. Simply send us an email on or call us on 7666360360 and we will guide you through the options. Once you have chosen your program or consult proceed to the payment option to confirm your booking. If you have opted for an onsite class then you can even pay at the centre when you come for your first session.