Corporate Programs


Baby360degrees has a host of options for your customers and employees. Corporates choose our special Pregnancy Care Programs as part of the Employee Benefits plan. Our programs have also been choosen as part of a promotion plan for engaging customers. As a corporate you can Pre-purchase programs / sessions for employee benefits or customer promotions or even ask for special on-site sessions on various topics of your choice.


  • Increases Employee Satisfaction.
  • Reduces Attrition Rates.
  • Reduces Insurance Costs.
  • Employees are able to return to work faster.
  • Engagement of new Customers.
  • Additional benefits for existing Customers to improve Brand loyalty.


Hospitals and Maternity homes can choose Baby360degrees programs for their clients as the programs are customised, flexible and can be accessed from any location. Baby360degrees is a counseling service and we do not provide medical guidance. We ensure that concerns, doubts and queries are handled which provide your clients comfort and peace of mind. We are happy to customise solutions for your specific needs.

  • Organise a regular live online session at your premises
  • On-site sessions on various topics of your choice
  • Include pre-paid sessions in your premium maternity packages
  • Include special vouchers for sessions / programs in your maternity packages


Nutrition guidance and Parenting skills workshops have gained a lot of popularity and our team has conducted various sessions in educational institutions on the same. Please contact us to customise sessions and programs best suited to your institute.